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Gus, Peggy and Safi at Inskip Point 2011 

Gus, Peggy and Safi on holidays 2011

Aus Ch Sanyati Persephone (Peggy)

Our beautiful girl died peacfully in her bed in March 2014.

She is sadly missed.

Peggy looking over fence

Peggy looking over the fence in our front yard


Peggy, three weeks pregnant, at RR Specialty October, 2008


Peggy sitting in our front yard with Janice

Peggy sitting in our front yard.


Peggy places 2nd in Open Bitch Newcastle Specialty 2009 from an entry of 22.



Peggy on the move at Newcastle Specialty 2009.

She cuts a fine figure after raising 21 puppies in 2008 (see our "Puppy Page").



Australian Ch Marmatia Gunella Gusto (Gus)

Gus near stables.

Gus near the stables.


Gus sitting near stables with Janice

Gus relaxing with Janice.


Gus winning Baby Puppy in Show

Gus wins Baby Puppy in Show. RR Specialty Newcastle 2008




Gus winning Puppy in Show at Queensland Specialty 2008

Gus wins Puppy in Show RR Specialty Queensland 2008.


Gus at Hound Club Show 2008

Gus at Hound Club Show 2008.


Gus at RR Specialty Newcastle 2009.

Placed 3rd in Intermediate Dog. Short listed for Best Gait and Best Head.


Official photo of Gus at Newcastle Specialty 2009.

Offical photographer Jessica Stone.


Gus striding out at RR Specialty Newcastle 2009.


Like father like daughter.

Gus and Sanyati Havaiana (Toto- 16 weeks) at Newcastle Specialty 2009.

Official photographer Jessica Stone.



Aus Ch Veldthund Safiya (Safi)

Sire: Aust Ch Hodarirafiki Sinbad

Dam: Aust Ch Sanyati Persephone

Winner Junior in Show Newcastle Specialty 2009.

Official photo by Jessica Stone.


Safiya winning Best Junior in Show. Newcastle 2009. Judge Mrs Kathy Forbes (USA).

Official photo by Jessica Stone.


Safiya wins Junior in Show at RR Specialty Newcastle 2009.


Safiya wins Junior in Show at Queensland RR Specialty 2009

Judge Mrs Janet Parker UK


Safiya striding out at Queensland RR Specialty 2009


Ch Veldthund Safigus Mandisa (Disa)

Sire: Aust Ch Marmatia Gunella Gusto

Dam: Aust Ch Veldthund Safiya

Although only two years of age Disa is a top winning bitch taking out

BOB Sydney Royal 2014 (beating her dad Gus who won RUBOB Dog Challenge)

RUBOB Bitch Challenge Sydney Royal 2013

Intermediate in Show Newcastle Specialy 2014

Best Gaited Bitch Newcastle Specialty 2014

She will no doubt add many more wins to her already impressive show career.



Veldthund Sachu Marjani (Marji)

Sire: Aust/Can/Am Champion Amashutu Force B Withyou

Dam: Aust Champion Veldthund Safiya



Marji is the latest addition to our Ridgy family. Pictured here at only 7 months of age

she has a great future ahead.



Our dogs are much more than show dogs. They are our faithful companions in most eveything we do.

Each year we take a couple to the beach and they love it.  Gus chases and fetches balls and loves the water.


Left to right- Shelby 11yrs, Gus 12 months, Safiya 7 months and Peggy 4 yrs.


Safiya at 7 weeks being a lounge lizard.
Safiya 7 weeks. Just getting comfy.
Gus at 4 months with Jessica on holidays South Coast Jan 08.
Gus at South Coast Jan 2009. He loves the water.
There's nothing like a walk on the beach. Peggy and Gus with Jessica. Jan 2009
Can you spot the ball? A Ridgeback that chases balls and loves the surf. That's Gus! Jan 2009.
Showgirls take a rest. Peggy (left) and Safiya (mother and daughter) at 2009 Newcastle Specialty. Safiya won Junior In Show and Peggy placed 2nd in Open Bitch from an entry of 22 bitches.
Gus at four months. Christmas 2007. His first Christmas was a big one!
Gus and Safiya enjoy the Winter fire. Always good mates.


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